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Modern equipment and high qualified personnel are the main elements of a high level of medical service in a clinic.

Belarusian medicine has always been on a proper level thanks to the good education which our native doctors have received. Several decades ago this was the only reason for a top-notch medical service. But time changes and modern equipment has come to help. Along with professionalism and experience of our practitioners of medicine it can make miracles happen. It is impossible to say that Belarusian clinics are this good only thanks to the level of specialists’ education and modern equipment. Our doctors exchange the experience with their foreign colleagues in order to enrich their knowledge and help others to get valuable skills.

There are a lot of hospitals and medical centers in the Republic of Belarus each of which renders a wide range of services starting with stomatology and ending with organ transplantation. Several dozens of organ and tissue transplantations are performed on adults and children at our clinics annually. According to the data which has been given by the Ministry of Health 63 transplantations of kidney, 17 transplantations of liver, more than 100 of marrow and 14 of heart have been performed in January – July of 2010. The first transplantation of a mate kidney on a child has been performed in July 2010; the first laparoscopic operation of donor’s kidney removal in the country was performed in August.

The hospitals which perform the transplantation of organs and tissues in Belarus are the following: Republican Centre for organ and tissue transplantation, Republican Scientific Practical Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Cardiology.

Following is the summary of the information given above:
Belarusian clinics are equipped with up-to-date devices thanks to which it is possible to perform difficult operations.
Our doctors have great experience in performing transplantations.
Transplantations of organs and tissues are performed on adults and children in our country. If we take into consideration low cost of the analyses, of the implementation of the surgery and subsequent rehabilitation, the choice in favor of Belarusian clinics becomes obvious.

Significant cost savings. Do your research and compare the costs. You may be surprised at how much money you can save, even when you factor in travel costs.
Quality of care. Just because you leave the country doesn't mean you have to settle for lower quality care. We have an extensive credentialing process. Many of the professionals practicing at our network hospitals have trained in the best universities of Western Europe. We promise that clinics abroad are not worse but are even better than your native medical centers. Here are comments about the quality of Belarusian Dentists.
More choices. Sometimes a benefit plan doesn't cover a procedure you may need. Or maybe you have exhausted your benefits, and simply can't afford to pay out of pocket. With the money you'll save by traveling overseas, you may not have to put off or avoid improving your shape. Our clinics let their clients be beautiful without spending big sums of money.
Round-trip customer service. We will help you with all aspects of your trip, from making your travel plans to making sure you choose a network facility.
Tourism opportunities. While you're in Belarus you may enjoy our country.
Patient-focused service. We do everything possible to make the treatment pleasant. Our company takes care about its clients.



Prices for Plastic Surgery in Belarus
Procedure Price (EUR)
  • Breast enlargment (including implants)
  • 2500
  • Breast uplift (2 sides)
  • 1750
  • Nose reconstruction
  • 1100 - 2500
  • Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  • 2000
  • Ear pinning (2 sides)
  • 600
  • Facelift
  • 2200 - 2700
  • Liposuction (1 zone)
  • 330
  • *All other services (staff work, anesthesia, medication, etc.) are INCLUDED in operation cost *Additional pre and post operation consultations are FREE of charge

  • Cost of Living

    Dinner in Restaurant (without alcohol)
    20 €
    Dinner in Restaurant (with alcohol)
    from 40 €
    15 €
    5-40 €
    Cinema 3 €
    Museum Excursion 2 €
    Rent a Car

     from 30 €


     0.40 € \ km

    Med Travel Belarus, Ltd.  is able to help you with all the aspects of your route planning.

    You have just to chose preferable type of transpot from the list below.

    By plane

    Direct flights to Minsk are available from - Berlin, Warsaw, Viene, Larnaka, London, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stambul, Stockholm, Tel-Aviv and Frankfurt.

    More over, you can save money on tickets by using any of low-cost airlines which are flying to RIGA.  Flights RIGA - MINSK are held twice a day and cost around 80 euro.

    It's also convinient to get to Vilnius through budjet airlines like RyanAir and WizzAir and then take bus Vilnius - Minsk (3 hours).

    Manicure (different types - Orly, O.P.I)

    5 - 15 €


    20  €

    Nail extension

    40 - 55 €

    Exclusive techniques of facial massage

     20 - 30 €

    Eyes area care

     20 - 25 €

    Bio epilation ("Natural Use", "Depileve")    

     5 - 15 €

    Body shape

     10 - 30 €

    Body care

     30 - 40 €

    Deep cleansing of skin

    25 - 45 €

    Tatoo 50 sm² (including anesthesia)

     55 €

     Permanent Makeup

     50 - 120 €

     Womens haircut

     from 15 €

     Mens haircut

     10 €

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    For issuing visas to  UK citizens:
    short-term visas – £70 (to 90 days)
    long-term visas –£235 (to 1 year)

    For issuing visas to USA citizens:
    short-term visas – $131 (to 90 days)
    long-term visas – $350 (to 1 year)
    For issuing visas to EU citizens:
    short-term visas – €60 (to 90 days)
    long-term visas – €150 (to 1 year)*
    *all visas should be arranged prior the trip (we will help you with all documents), in some cases its possible to get visa exactly in airport "Minsl-2" but the price will be 2 times higher

    Consular fees for citizens of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Estonia stand at €25 for single-entry short-term visas and €60 for multiple-entry short-term visas.

    Citizens of Cuba and Serbia and Montenegro do not need a visa.